actually - the western rig is better suited to a proa then a one way boat - because the grove the sail is attached to -
is athwardships on the leeside of your sail - so you have no turbulence where it counts - no need for a turning mast !

I know - I know - you say it takes a rig - that is balanced - easy to change with ........
lets take a look at what really happens !

you are on a tack now - you leave the jib where it was - you loosen the main - pull it towards the wind -
the boat stopps - and because it has the ce drastically in the back from both sails - it turns sharply into the wind -
you wind up the now rear jib + pull open the other - you have changed direction fast + direct !

I can tack up a channel to the marina any day with it -
and with the multi mast rigs now - I don't even have to use the jibs -
because I leave the last a little more open - the first a little thighter -

you have an aero rig on your proa now - going on one tack - you want to change -
you control the rig to go to the other side -your boat stopps - and starts moving the other way -
exactly !!! where you are coming from -
you use your ruders ? in making a turn - but because the boat is not moving fast it will be a wide circle -
eventually you make the turn - but you are yards below from the boat with the western rig !

and for that you spend all your money for all those expensive parts for your aero rig ?
you are having a lot higher ce ! - and most of all that boom there - oh god - wanting to do you in .........

you are now on a boat with a for&aft symetrical chinese rig -
you are again on one tack - changing the sail to make the boat to go the other way -
again because it is balanced only your ruders ? will turn it around -
again the boat will end up yards below the boat with the western rig !

and how to you handle your sail in a storm ? - ( I am using a "leesail" just in light conditions )
and if you want to go on standby - to see what is going on ? - mob - anchoring ?

lets go back to ourer western rig -
you can have the mastsail go all the way to the deck + the jibs - so the aspect ratio will be double -
the ce will be low - your rig will be lower for a given sail area -
nothing to move it all - except the tubes where your jib are on -

simple - easy - inexpensive - reliable - safe ! what more to you want ?

oh - yeh - you can pull your main not down & back - with a sheet - but towards the wind like on square riggers -
with a line from the batten about 2/3 back on the sail and have a lot less to pull on .........