sailing on a traditional proa - flying the outrigger can be a lot of fun !

but doing this all day long - and all night long for weeks - say in gusty conditions - can get boring - too !
and dangerous !

that is why I developed an automatic system of having the boat do the flying by itself -
with the vectorfin - you have a boat that can be left to itself in allmost anything -

does the outrigger want to come out - the lower part of the fin - angled toward the inside - will keep it from doing so .....

the boat will allways sail level - without sails - or stormsails - it will even lean towards the wind !
and in breaking seas - it will hang itself on the crest of the wave - and be safe ...........

really now - it amaises me every time I watch the performance of it up to force 12 gusts -
more I can not tell - because it has not happend yet ............

because the fin has to work in both directions - it has to have a radius on both ends -
then starting from this at about 45° - first a lot - then ever less bending toward the center -
such a blunt profil will have less drag and more lift - even starting out from a stop -
toward the deck from the wl - it can become more of a semicircular profile because this part will be mostly for going through crests -
the thickness of the windward & leeward profile should be about two to one for enough lift at 0° angle of attack .....

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