these proas are designed to be sailed off a beach - to anchor with - especially suited for open roadsteads -
because they are so long & fine ....

you can keep them also on a mooring - sail up - go on standby - get your line through the eye -
sail on back - all with total precision & control -

you can also sail the smaller sizes through breaking surf onto a beach - over a breaking bar to an inlet -
if you float the outriggerfin - you can go into a lagoon over 3' of water with a 100 footer !

they are not designed for a marina - because you would be paying for a lot of space you are not useing -
but you may want to sail up to one now & then -
park it there exactly & and leave again - just to see what all you can do with a two way sailboat .....

if the wind dies on you - they can be paddled in the smaller sizes very easily - then from 40' on you use oars -
from about 60' on - you can carry a private tug & tender in form of a avon & ob - if it can not be helped ....

but these boats are mostly pure sailboats - designed for sailing to windward with the least effort & sailarea -
safe - selfsteering - especially the multi mast rigs & most of all comfortable in a seaway -
no piching - no rolling - no snaping from one hull to the next .......