un stayed ?

I maybe considering having an unstayed mast ....
on a dingy or some tender mono !

where the staying base whould be needing spreaders a many !
and where a turning mast > would be aero dynamically > a good thing !

but on a spreading all out proa ???
 where you can be with out any spreaders > having your mast stability garantied !

at the cost of your slick standing rigging .... because there you should be tending to >
to having no tangs on the mast > to having no need for all those turn buckles !

and because of your wide spread > you need only ... fine wire stays ....
being shurely a lot less drag > then any un stayed mast

just think of this .... on being in a storm > with out any sails on
think of the weight up there !

to be causing all of those wipping motions ....