I could have - half again as wide a boat - twice the mast - 3 times the sail area -

and then - what would I have then ?

I would have to change sails every time it blows - would have spend 10 times the money for it !
and not so safe manuevering in the harbor - not so safe anywhere - not so fast changing direction -
I would outrun my true wind even more on beating - in light conditions -
wondering later - why I didn't make any way to where I wanted to go - but going fast there !

there is on optimum of sail area for any application -

and I - want to go sailing on over the ocean safely + comfortly - with as little as possible ........

really now - for on 31' / 500 lbs - with good aerodynamics between water and rig - and the rig - too -
200sf seems about right for most areas -

but you can have 500sf if you want to - especially just zipping across the bay on a summer day .....
or do you want to win "the race" - on 100' / 10 tons / 10 000sf ? ---- anything you want !