the original trimaran was just having 2 logs as floats ....
and a lite structure to connect them to the main hull !

now ... modern designers > had this great idea >
to make those 2 tiny floats into as long and nearly as big
as the main hull ...

to having all this connecting structure
to having this high a mast and sail area !

this night mare has its limites befor a 100' loa

the original cat was properbly a freighter >
when 1 log was not enough to carry  all those goods to the nexts island !

having only a limited boa > limited sail area !
because it was not a long distance sailor .....

now ... modern cats are either a over blown beach cat
see ... AC 72 ... or a high rise cat .....

both are of cource a waste in materials
not the ideal long distance sailing vessel !

the modern proa > like those of russel brown >
are having a float too big > a connecting structure .....

and are still not safe >

this lee pod > more of a danger
since if it would be buried in a big enough swell

we would see it turning over an just this lee pod
see >>> wave.gif

now our rob denney had this great idea of putting the crew into the float
so they would act as the constant live balast >

just one thing wrong with this >>>

those poor things are not much better of ... if standing out there
since their float is not nearly as comfortable a ride > as the lee ward main hull

now ..... if you will look at the vector fin proa >
you have a minimum on weights for this one beam and 1/3 or less float !
and this vf or hvf is providing all the stability needed for any wind .....

thereby the float will be flying with the hvf most of the time .....