easy -

if you do not want to fidle with plywood bending around - butt blocks - fillets and such -

you can just forget about it all - just use 6 layers of glass on the buttom of the hull -

4 layers on the side - stagering them out near the deck - so you can connect the deck glassing later on -

if after one layer is soaked - you put one or two layers on dry - you can save a lot of weight-

filling them later -

the last 2 - 3 coats of resin should be filled with 10% titanium dioxied -from the art supply -

you mix it in the resin without hardener - let it bubble off a day or so - stir it up good again -

then with hardener - roll it on -

it is the best paint I know of -

mostly - you can repair any damage - or modify any where without taking off the paint first -

I would not use all glass on the deck - bridge + out rigger - as they are easier to do with plywood -