building materials -

epoxy resin & hardener - should have enough pot life to soak in good + aeriate when glasing -

best to do it in the morning when still cool - and then have the heat later to set it off good -

douglas fir ist a good construction lumber - but I do not know if it will be available on the east coast - easily -

you will find same substitute -

in some places - such as fillets - you can use - same lighter wood - such as spruce -

anchor fast nails - even aluminum - are easy to cinche down with - planking or butt blocks -

you will get them at the regular building supply or marine stores - brass - as small as posible -

when glassing - you can first soak one layer - then cover with a dry one after to soak up the excess resin -

after hartening - fill in completly with new resin - this way you have less resin - less weight -

5’ wide glass 6oz is about right -

foam - we use polystyrol - regular construction insulation foam that has a desity of 2 lbs / f 3 -

there are poly urethane foams + others - but they are more expensive - heavier -

styrofoam is not strong enough - you have no conection beween in + outside layer

if you can not get the " thickness - " can be used to - but you then have to use "x 1" stringers -

micro baloons are now avalable in 7 lbs / f3 - scotch lite - use when no heavy loads are on it

such as filler resin between foam core & ply wood planking -

with 15% / weight added - the mixture has then a density of less then half of resin alone -

remember every # - that is not nesessary - slows you down later

poly urethan sealer - for glueing on the jibs to the roller tubing -

you get at the auto parts store -